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Since 2009, Harmonic Spirit has been helping everyday people deal with everyday problems. Discover a new way to take control of your mental and physical health. If you’re looking for ways to promote health and wellness, overcome stress and challenges in your daily life, or are looking for direction, we can help. We also help you solve a specific issue you in your life, transforming a problem into something that makes you stronger.

Harmonic Spirit can improve your health, self-esteem, or performance in sports, academics, and work. If you have a bad habit such as smoking, nail biting, bed wetting, or teeth grinding, our tools can help with these habits. If you want to stop procrastinating or lose weight, we can help you do that, too. Other things Brenda’s hypnosis can do are help you find lost object and resolve grief and loss. From sleeping better to nausea and pain management, we’ll help you gain back control and feel better faster. If you’re interested in trying our services, contact us to schedule an appointment.




JM, Burnsville, MN

“With the help of Brenda’s intuitive guidance I have become more confident, more aware of how I talk about myself and in tune to my emotions.  Before I meet Brenda I was feeling stuck and felt that I had lost my purpose in life and wanted to find my true self.  I now have new insight into why I have been doing the things that created chaos in my life and how to change that behavior.  She helped me realize I can manifest whatever I desire, good or bad! By tapping into my internal guidance system and having a relationship with my subconscious, and intuitively guiding myself down the right path.  My experience with her has been priceless!”

Sandy S., Wisconsin

“Not only has Brenda helped my family out with personal and emotional issues, she has also aided us in determining complex behavioral problems with our horses, dogs and cats! It makes a HUGE difference in dealing with your favorite four-legged friends when you know the reasoning behind certain unwanted behavior. Also, Brenda has been able to help with finding the source of our pet’s pain when a veterinarian was stumped and we have been able to turn a potentially life-threatening situation around. She is the REAL DEAL!”

K.S. Wisconsin

“I cannot thank Brenda enough for the help she’s giving me ranging from help with my pets to with my own life as she’s helped me heal and discover myself. She’s great at giving you advice you need and has so many ways of helping you get to where you want and need to be. I highly recommend her as she’s done so many things for me and my family.”

B.S. Minnesota

“All my life, I have been terrified of water.  I was so scared, I couldn’t put my foot in it.  When Brenda told me that she could use hypnosis to help me overcome my fear, I thought I should try it.  While in hypnosis Brenda guided me to let go of my stress and my fear of water.  Now I can swim in water of ALL types, and it is SO MUCH FUN.  Honestly the change is so dramatic that I wish I would’ve done it years ago. ”


“I have to admit, when I first heard about going under hypnosis the first thought I had was the typical stereotype of hypnosis: watch the watch back and forth and then you are getting very sleepy…..

But the reality of my experience was surprisingly pleasant! I am a nurse and was struggling in my 21 year marriage being married to an alcoholic. Years of enabling and covering up on my part until the straw that broke the camels back and my world came crashing down. He was also a sex addict and hooking up with young strangers for different pleasures and paying for every single one of the encounters.
To make a long story short; I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep and I felt so terribly betrayed and insulted and worthless. I read about Brenda and her services and decided to give it a go; because I am not a believer in popping pills or drinking away your problems. My first session made me feel so incredibly relaxed and confident. I left the building after the session with my head held high and my mood did a complete turnaround! I was able to eat and sleep and all of the hell I was experiencing dwindled as I continued her services. Each session brought me something different that I walked away with for my overall well being. Whether it be a forgiveness room session, a relaxation session, or just a confidence building session I loved seeing her on a weekly basis to uncover more of my struggles and suppressed emotions that I had internalized for so long. I would highly recommend Brenda for hypnosis! It helped me on so many levels! Spiritually, emotionally, and makes you look at your entire being and gives you a true reality check!”

HA, Billings, MT

I sought Brenda’s help when I noticed that thought processes and reactions from a very important relationship in my life that was not healthy were starting to interfere with my current relationships. It was imperative to me that I do everything in my power to not drive away new relationships because of an old destructive one. With Brenda’s help I was able to re-write how I interact with both the person in the unhealthy relationship and those in my new life. It was literally like we cleaned up old files on my computer and deleted the ones containing viruses that were threatening my ability to be happy. My sessions with Brenda were some of the hardest things I have done, including years of talk therapy that showed me the problem but offered no solutions. If you have been dragging around emotional baggage and really, truly want to get rid of it, I highly suggest Brenda and Harmonic Spirit. With her help you can delete the bad files and download some better programming to get your health back to its best level.”

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