Your Soul on Tap

A Change in Consciousness

A One-day Intensive Retreat

March 3, 2018


This retreat is for you if you’re ready to give yourself permission to stand in your truth, be your authentic self, and make serious shifts that will change your life.

This is a day-long intensive retreat held in the depths of Winter at the beautiful (indoor heated) Harmonic Spirit Center of Peace. Twenty-Three Acres of nature 35 miles south of the Twin Cities with a chance to take a deep breath and unwind! The center strives to create a powerful portal to the submerged emotions of the unconscious just as we enter one of the most inward times of the year.  

Our retreat combines the following:

    Guided hypnosis and meditation using the power of live music: harp, native flute, drums

    Exercises exploring sensory awareness – Improve your awareness of energy and how it affects you


    Creative activities that help to recognize and unwind emotions – Connect with yourself and others on a deeper level


    Discover healing language – Use images, metaphors, and positive self-talk to change your inner and outer truths

    Learn to be in control of your life, make the choices that are right for you

    Step into your true authentic self

    This retreat was created for you so you could give yourself permission to create your best life by removing limiting beliefs at their core and creating sustainable change.  The kind of change that lets you create meaningful relationships, abundant finances, physical health and a connection to your authentic self, who you were truly meant to be!

    Learn to tap into your subconscious and higher consciousness and change your thoughts, emotions and behaviors.  Brenda uses many modalities to help you shift and tap into the unlimited information that you have right at your fingertips.


    You’ll begin on a journey to let all the emotional and mental baggage go, and connect with your innate inner stillness which rarely gets a chance to be as we’ve been so conditioned to keep ‘doing’ and not allowing time to receive. Without clarity,  you’ll not find inner peace. You’ll feel in a constant state of conflict. ..The world changes by you finding clarity….Peace is merely the absence of all that is not peace.

    Creating language, activating and receiving intuition, trusting yourself


    • Are your thoughts and emotions controlling your life?
    • Are you tired of not being connected to your inner knowing, always making the right choices?
    • Envision a time that no matter what happened in the world, you could always react in a peaceful and calm manner?
    • Imagine if you knew deep down that there was nothing more you needed to do or become?
    • What if the actions you take came from a place of spontaneity and passion, rather than through stress or feelings of obligation?
    • Visualize yourself improving your awareness of energy and how it affects you.
    • This will help you remember who you really are as a soul.
    • It will assist you to connect with loving yourself and others on a deeper level.

    Life can be effortless, it’s a choice!

    The biggest wars are being fought in your mind; stop waiting for the wars to stop and shift into your own mind and change your thoughts!


    This retreat is for you if you’re ready to give yourself permission to stand in your truth, your authentic self, and make some serious shifts that will change your life forever!

    Join me in creating clarity and inner peace!

    This workshop is filling fast, and we recommend you register as soon as possible.  
    Tuition of $197 for the full day event can be submitted via paypal.


    Brenda K Miller
    Ideal Lifestyle Designer, Hypnotic Life Coach and Soul Mentor

    With over 30 years of experience, Brenda Miller will be coaching you to think differently, release limiting beliefs, awaken spiritually and sustain changes in your life and business! Brenda’s transformational techniques help remove limiting beliefs on a subconscious level, the deep ones that are holding you back from achieving your true potential.

    She’s a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, certified by the MN Institute of Advanced Communication Skills, certified 5-path Hypnotist by Banyan Hypnosis Center, certified as a 7th Path Teacher, certified in Pain Management from the American School of Clinical Hypnosis, International; certified in Pediatric and Cancer hypnosis by Mottin & Johnson Institute of Hypnosis, certified health coach and has a lifetime of spiritual studies such as spiritual healer, energy worker, spiritual teacher, dowser, shamanism and healing with the power of music and vibration.


    Saturday, March 3rd

    9:00 – 5:00

    Harmonic Spirit, LLC Center of Peace

    Cost $197 (payment must be made in advance via pay pal) 

    Early Bird price $97

    What to bring

    Meditation cushion if you desire or yoga mat ( we will have tables and chairs for writing)

    Light lunch, coffee, tea, water and snacks will be provided

    Full tuition is due at registration and is non-refundable.  

    We greatly look forward to discovering and awakening with you.

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