Join me for a day of learning, light, meditation, and mediation…

Do you find it hard around the holiday season when the ones you love aren’t here to celebrate with you…. or are they? Since the loss that you’ve experienced, has moving forward been challenging?  Most of us have experienced some sort of loss in our lives whether it be people or pets or other types of losses.

There are varying emotions and different level of intensity which take place through the grieving process. There’s no right or wrong way to cope, but there are healthy ways which can be used to promote healing.  This will be a safe place to explore your beliefs about grief, and help guide you in connecting with loved ones.

We need to embrace all of life, even death, and crossing over is not the end! Are you ready to experience new beginnings and soulful connections?

Here’s what you’ll learn and experience:


Discover what happens when you die


Learn how emotional aroma release can help you heal loss


Outline the grieving process, are you stuck?


Answers to why are we here


Proof of life after death


Experience what your soul wants you to know about who you are


Develop your spiritual connection and reconnect with your loved ones in spirit


Learn creative expression, music, and vibration help you process emotion

Learn more about what happens when loved ones pass, where they go and how they want to connect with you.  What your passed loved ones want you to know about where they are and what they’re doing. 

Brenda will take you on a soul journey to meet your loved ones, we all have the ability to connect to those that have passed, they’re always with us. 

(you never know, there might be some sneak readings in there as well)


This will be a soulful packed day of learning and experiencing!

Let’s do some soul shifting and create peace in your life!

 Saturday, December 2, 2017

9:30am – 4:00pm

Your soulful day, including lunch is only


Limited space – sign up today!


Water, coffee and tea will be provided – please state any food allergies

Please arrive 10 minutes early for check in 


Join me at the new retreat center

Harmonic Spirit Center of Peace

4325 Elmore Avenue

Webster, MN 55088