Unleash a New Money Mindset

A Breakthrough to Manifesting Financial Freedom

Four weeks of going deep into your mindset to create a new outcome and manifest financial freedom.  


It is time to change your mind and change your life!

Do you ever feel like this:


You are overwhelmed in debt?


There is never enough?


You want more money in your life, but don’t know how to get there?


You afraid to take a risk because of past experiences?

It is time to BUST through those limiting money beliefs that are holding you back from truly creating the life you desire.


Shift into a mindset of financial freedom


Become an open receiver to more money


Have a plan to get out of debt


Learn how to make money work for you


Change how you relate to money and create more flow into your life

You will be come a pro at recognizing your money patterns and become a manifesting generator who can create the life they have always dreamed of with ease.

Each week will include:

1 video session with homework

Q & A in the private Facebook group

2 group zoom calls with hot seat coaching throughout the 4 weeks

You don’t want to miss this one time offer…


The cost of the course is less than one private session with me….and you get 4 weeks of me for only $128


That is a limited one time offer with limited spots at this price you must act quickly.  

Week 1

Identifying those money beliefs and squashing them

Week 2

Identifying your Why and writing a new story

Week 3

Change your mind, change your life

Week 4

Become an open receiver

Here are some of the results that people have had working on their mindset.

I just have to say…. I seriously could cry happy tears.  It is amazing!  So, I just got two new policies on the spot today… they just went with it, no thinking.   Then there is this post on my local happenings looking for an insurance agent…  I have about 15 comments on there recommending me and half of those aren’t even my clients!  I seriously feel so special right now.  The universe is definitely telling me something!



Just wanted to share some more manifestations in my life. First, money is showing  in my life, all over. I may have already mentioned, but my tax return will be $2000 rather than $1000. I expected the new headlight today for my car to cost $80 with parts and labor, My mechanic only charged me $20! And lastly, but not least, I had bad left ear pain last Friday. Felt like an ear infection. I started saying out loud that all I did was poke my inner ear with a q tip. By Sunday I had no pain and therefore no costly doctor visit. The positive affirmations are working for me ! And now I am going to find the house of my dreams by April!



We begin March 4th!