An Intimate Two-Day Retreat Activating your Next Level of Consciousness


September 28 & 29, 2024

Are you looking for a deeper connection to your intuition and activating more of your gifts?

Are you experiencing a mid-life awakening, living in a life of confusion
and wondering how you got so far away from your dreams and soul’s passion?

Are you feeling heavy as you daily shift through your internal pollution,
your thoughts, 
feelings and beliefs?

Have you tried everything you can think of to figure it out? 

Well, you’re in the right place.

This is a two-day intensive retreat held at the beautiful Harmonic Spirit Center of Peace where 15 soulful women will come together in an intimate guided experience within.

Twenty-Three Acres of nature 35 miles south of the Twin Cities with a chance to take a deep breath and unwind! The Center strives to create a powerful portal to release emotions of the subconscious and ground you into the center of yourself creating inner peace.

A Soulful Journey Within

Our retreat combines the following:

A sacred container of peace has been created for you to release and detoxify all areas of your life, creating balance and clarity.

Guided hypnosis and meditation using the power of live music – 
harp, native flute, drums

Exercises exploring sensory awareness –
Improve your awareness of energy and how it affects you to open your intuition and spiritual gifts

Creative activities that help to recognize and unwind emotions –
Connect with yourself and others on a deeper level

Learn to be in control of your life,
make the choices that are right for you

The Harmonic Spirit Journey of creating peace with.

Other Experiences May Include:

Horse to Heart

Experience what animals collectively already know and how they can help you connect to your soul self.

TeePee Meditation

A guided journey through a portal to other dimensions.

Labyrinth Walk

Take a walk around the labyrinth and drop your lower frequencies to reclaim your power

Your Soul Camp Experience Includes:


Two days of soulful self-exploration


Sunday morning yoga taking you to a restorative place


Contemplation through meditation and nature walks


Different ways of moving through negative emotions


Horse to Herd connection


Deep inner work reflecting on your beliefs


Musical exploration into self through breathwork and sound healing


Three healthy meals a day


Bonfires and music


Energy and body work along with other activities to move you through your journey


Camping on grounds, living one with nature * (please see details below)


Saturday evening farm to table dinner celebrating the Fall Equinox

bonfire and dancing following dinner

This retreat was created for you so you could give yourself permission to create your best life by removing limiting beliefs at their core and creating sustainable change.  

The kind of change that lets you create meaningful relationships, abundant finances, physical health and a connection to your authentic self, who you were truly meant to be!

 Learn to tap into your subconscious and higher consciousness and change your thoughts, emotions and behaviors.  Brenda uses many modalities to help you shift and tap into the unlimited information that you have right at your fingertips.

You’ll begin on a journey to let all the emotional and mental baggage go, and connect with your innate inner stillness which rarely gets a chance to be as we’ve been so conditioned to keep ‘doing’ and not allowing time to receive.

Without clarity,  you’ll not find inner peace. You’ll feel in a constant state of conflict. The world changes by you finding clarity….Peace is merely the absence of all that is not peace.

Life can be effortless, it’s a choice!

The biggest wars are being fought in your mind; stop waiting for the wars to stop and shift into your own mind and change your thoughts!

This retreat is for you if you’re ready to give yourself permission to stand in your truth, your authentic self, and make some serious shifts that will change your life forever!

Join me in creating clarity & inner peace while activating your next level of consciousness!

Your Soul Camp Leader is:


Founder, Retreat Leader: Brenda Kay

With over 30 years of experience, Brenda Miller will be coaching you to think differently, release limiting beliefs, awaken spiritually and sustain changes in your life and business! Brenda’s transformational techniques help remove limiting beliefs on a subconscious level, the deep ones that are holding you back from achieving your true potential. She’ll take you on a journey through self exploration to find the answers that already are inside of you using techniques including meditation, sound healing, hypnosis and many other modalities.

September 28 – 29, 2024

Limited Time Special:


Limited spots available– sign up today!

Please contact me if you would like to set up a payment plan.



This is a camping experience. Be sure to bring your camping equipment, tent and or camper.
Electrical hookups and Showers available. Some accommodations available upon request. First come, first served.
For more information on your camping needs, please contact Brenda Kay.

Friday after 12:00 pm check in to Sunday 4:00 pm.

Local Hotels

(There are local hotels if you choose not to camp. They will be at your own expense.)

Candlewood Suites Lakeville
 21060 Keswick Loop
Lakeville, MN 55044
(612) 808-5580

New Prague Inn & Suites
1200 1st St NE
New Prague, MN 56071
(952) 758-7300

Hampton Inn
20851 Keokut Avenue
Lakeville, MN 55044
 (952) 213-3144

What to bring:

Yoga mats, pillows, blankets, slippers, flashlight, towels, and comfortable clothing.
Swimsuit for sauna if you would like.
Your camping equipment
(if you don’t have any, there is a limited amount available upon request –
first come first served)

Meals, water, coffee and tea will be provided.

Harmonic Spirit Center of Peace

4325 Elmore Avenue

Webster, MN 55088



For more information contact Brenda Kay at 651-398-7047