Interested in learning how you can manage your emotions with essential oils? 

You are in the right place!

I Love My Essential Oils…Do You?

Essential Oils are an essential part of my emotional toolkit.

They can help to shift your mood, process emotions quicker, and really feel into them.

The resources below will help you begin to learn more about essential oils and how you can use them to
impact your emotional well being. 

Emotional Aromatherapy Explained

Essential oils have been found to trigger responses in us that can alter our mood. Learn more about how to use essential oils to compliment your emotional well being by clicking below.

The Science Behind Emotional Aromatherapy

We all experience emotions that range from excited to nervous, happy to sad, content to angry.  Understanding the science behind your emotions can help you address your feelings and use them in a positive way.

How to Choose an Emotional Aromatherapy Blend

Click below to view a handy tool  that will help you choose the right oils for how you are feeling, and how to blend it with complimentary oils to bring you maximum relief.