Your Guide To Life!

It is your divine right to be happy and successful.

Your soul holds all the answers to the questions you have not been able to reconcile on your own.

Soul Work is discovering your spiritual connection to divine guidance. Tap into your soul self through guided hypnosis to help you connect with high consciousness.  I use my intuitive abilities to support and guide you to the healing and answers needed to achieve your goals and intentions.

Connecting to your soul self helps you reveal the answers that you have been long searching for.


Do you feel stuck or trapped in the same patterns?


Are you confused about where your life is going?


Is your fear of the future holding you back?


Have you been struggling to find resolution in your life?


Are you looking for a deeper connection to your soul self?

Your soul knows everything about you past, present and future.  Discover what your soul wants you to know about who you are and why it’s important.

Are you looking for healing, clarity and insight into your life?  Then it’s time to access the power source of your soul and let your soul guide you to the truth of who you are.

The answers lie within you. It’s time to allow your soul to guide you to healing and remember your magnificence.  What were you born to experience? Your Soul has all the answers!

Everything in our current world is energy that carries a frequency.  Working with your Soul instead of against it raises your vibration to a higher level by being able to control whether yours is low or negative, or high and positive.

How can Soul Work help me:

Connecting to your soul opens pathways to discovering who you really are, not the labels and beliefs that have been cemented into your subconscious mind. It knows exactly who you are and why you are here.

Soul work will help you fully embody your true self, aka your “Soul Self”. It clears away the noise and pain that the ego keeps throwing at you, so you can live a peaceful, joyful life. It’s a way to learn how to heal old wounds that are holding you back from your full potential.

The soul will guide you to discover everything you need to know about your past, present, and future

Find the root cause of your fears and blocks so you can move forward

Gain insight into your future and what steps to take to move forward

Receive guidance about relationship issues, health, career, and even your life purpose

Discover your true worth, and the gifts you were given

Get support and guidance from Spiritual helpers and guardians

Reconnect with your loved ones in spirit and heal grief and receive messages

Receive healing of a past life if its connected to achieving your goals in the present and future

What happens during your session.

In the first half hour we will discuss any issues you are dealing with and what you would like to heal, or gain clarity on as it pertains to any aspect of your life.

We can work on multiple issues or questions during a session.


Intuitive coaching to help guide you through specific life challengers and open you up to energy clearing resources.


Connecting you to your guides, angels and loved ones in spirit.


Vibrational healing through sound.


Clearing emotional blocks.


Soul retrieval to connect the parts of you that have been fragmented. If all parts are not connected to you this can stop you from getting to where you want to be.


Closing negative portal that are creating energetic fragments in your earthly existence.


Past life regression to release any past experiences that are causing some difficulty in this life.


Future progression to see what your future holds.


DNA activation to upgrade your multidimensional consciousness.


Entity Removal to clear what is not serving you.


Activating your soul plan by clearing the blocks to your soul essence aligning to your souls mission.

I will then guide you into a deep relaxation to connect with higher states of consciousness where you will effortlessly connect with your soul. This is where you will ask questions of your soul for guidance and clarity in your life.

We will close your sessions by talking about what you discovered and how to implement it into your life.

This unique program was designed to open you to your higher self and clearing your pathways to a deeper connection of remembrance and truth.

You will walk away with new tools to deal with everyday life. Along with skills to instantly connect to your soul self. This makes it easy for you to be divinely guided on your earthly journey.

Sessions may be successfully done through Zoom or in-person at my office.

This program is not for you if:

You are not open to a greater spiritual connection

You want to stay stuck

You are not open to the possibility of something bigger than you guiding you

This program is for you if:


You are ready to become a soulful leader tapped into your purpose with a plan


You want to become the creator of your own reality


You are ready to listen to what you soul wants you to know and understand about who you really are

Let’s take the next step into awaking your higher self and remember who you really are!